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Are you using the Right Legal Research Tool?

Caseica - Legal Research Bed

Coingeit presents Caseica Analytical Research Bed.

  • Know your Case Readiness & Recommendations
  • Know Legislation Effectiveness 
  • Know your Legal Docket Element Entities - Relationship

Caseica - Revolutionizing Legal Research for Predictive Analytics

Caseica R-3 Framework Modules:

  • Caseica Legal Reference Finder (CLRF)
  • Caseica Analytical Research Bed (CARB)
  • Caseica Visual Recommendation Assistant (CVRA)
  • Intelligent Document Processing System (IDPS)

Caseica R-3 Framework is Revolutionizing Legal Research. It is being done by Continuous Dynamic Identification and Building Entities- Relationship of legal elements with the support of its Intelligent Document Processing System (IDPS) with Active Training (AI & ML) based models in supervision of Domain Experts. This helps to provide strategic legal insights.

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