Key features

Our defining features make Case Management a breeze for your team, turning hours into minutes

Case Tracker

Effortlessly track case status in real-time, receive timely updates, and ensure efficient case management with Casedocker's Case Tracker, keeping your team informed and in control.

Detailed Reports

Gain comprehensive insights into case status at a glance and track individual and team productivity with Casedocker's detailed case reports, revolutionizing case management efficiency.

Case Finder

Stay informed and empowered with Casedocker's Case Finder, enabling quick and effortless search for relevant cases concerning you or your clients, all in a single click.

Integration with Courts

Save time and effort by seamlessly integrating Casedocker's case management system, fetching comprehensive case details from thousands of courts nationwide for enhanced efficiency.


Case Digital File

Effortlessly organize and access comprehensive case details on a single page with Casedocker's Case Digital File

  • Case Stakeholders
  • Case Orders
  • Case History
  • Many More...
  • Case Proceedings
  • Case Defects
  • Case Notes