Key Features

Our Contract Management Suite caters to your contract creation and management needs.

Contract Dashboard

Easily manage contracts from anywhere, anytime, and on any device with Casedocker's contract dashboard, empowering real-time performance monitoring and proactive corrective actions for current and future contracts.

Contract Workflow

Effortlessly initiate contracts, define workflows with 8 stages of contract management, and identify stakeholders and timelines with Casedocker's contract workflow, streamlining the entire contract lifecycle process.

Contract Signer

Experience convenient contract signing from anywhere, anytime, and digitally sign multiple levels of contracts involving multiple stakeholders with Casedocker's contract eSigner, simplifying the signing process for efficient contract lifecycle management.

Contract eVault

Safeguard and validate your contracts effortlessly with Casedocker's contract eVault, ensuring secure storage and easy referencing through hashed verification, for comprehensive contract lifecycle management.

How can CaseDocker CLM help you?

Streamline and optimize your contract lifecycle management with Casedocker, enhancing efficiency, compliance, and collaboration for seamless business operations.


8 Stage Contract LifeCycle

Complete predefined and customizable contract lifecycle to manage your contracts from creation to expiry.

  • Contract Initiation
  • External Review
  • Execution and Signing
  • Renewal
  • Creation/Internal Review
  • Approval for Execution
  • Analytics and Obligations
  • Expiry