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CaseDocker - Key Challenges faced by Team and with Clients

Is your TEAM facing dissatisfaction while working? Are the resources being stuck with one team member and it is affecting the overall work? Is your TEAM not able to give the required productivity?

Manage your TEAM in a very smooth manner with #CaseDocker and increase your Team's productivity.

** 24 by 7 Access to Work Anywhere, Anytime from Any Device
** Controlled and customized access to Team Members as per their role.
** Case based access to Team Members through individual logins.
** Collaborative Editing - Draft, Review & Approve Documents Online through Portal.
** No more communication with mails. Communicate with this portal, to have channelized communication.
** Tools for Translation, Read-out load, OCR & Translation
** Template based drafting – Standard & Quality Output
** Track Case Events & Dates and Notify required stakeholders.
** Channelized Chat and Voice Scripting with Case or Case Issues minimize communication gaps. You can refer it back in future, anytime.
** Client Case Task & Event based Time Tracking.
** Time Sheet & Expense Vouchers Integrated to Invoice & Expense invoice reduces billing leakage.
** Alerts & Notification

Do not compromise your work due to the Pandemic.

#CaseDocker along with #Caseica is a ONE STOP SOLUTION for complete Case Management, Litigation Management, Practice Management and Legal Research.

You can access it Anytime, Anywhere and from AnyDevice.

Features and Benefits of #CaseDocker

** Unified Calendar and Contacts
** Enterprise Task Management
** Event Management
** Team Management and Collaboration (Channelized Chats)
** Integrated Case/Matter Management
** Notifications and Alerts (Reminders on Court Case Dates)
** Updated Orders and Notifications
** Court Causelist updation
** Document Management
** TIMESHEET, Client Invoice & Expense Management
** Dictation, Text to Speech, Translation and OCR of Documents
** Reports

Features and Benefits of #Caseica

** Complete Legal Research powered by AI and ML
** Judge Analytics
** Counsel Analytics
** Litigant Analytics

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