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CaseDocker Insider - Introducing CaseDocker Lite

Newsletter (Volume 5 - May 2021) - CaseDocker Insider

Adding one more product to our Smart Legal World Product line. Introducing CaseDocker Lite to help Lawyers, Law firms and Corporates to register and track their cases, get alerts, notifications and updates on cases and Causelists.

Introducing CaseDocker Lite: A tool to help you to track Case Updates for your Cases across Courts in India. 

Features of CaseDocker Lite
** Case Tracker
** Daily Causelists
** Unified Calendar

You can access your Smart Legal Workdesk - Unified Platform (Single Platform) from Anywhere/Anytime.

Best in Class Legal Case Management Platform with unmatched features & functions. Key Value Deliveries

** Time Keeper
** productivity Booster
** Team Builder
** Monetizer
** Customer Delight
** Mobilizer

Now you do not have to go to multiple platforms for various activities. You can save your time by using CaseDocker - Unified Platform. You can access it Anytime and from Anywhere.

To know more, visit www.CaseDocker.com

For Demo reach us at:
Mail ID: [email protected]
Whatsapp: 9711624290

CaseDocker App is also available on all the app stores (Apple and Android).