Key Features

Our Notice Management Suite caters to your notice creation and management needs.

Notice Dashboard

Effortlessly monitor and manage all your legal notices in one centralized dashboard with CaseDocker's Notice Management, ensuring efficient oversight and streamlined notice handling.

Customised Notice Workflow

Create customized automated workflows for sending, creating, and replying to notices with CaseDocker's Notice Management, optimizing efficiency and simplifying notice handling for your organization.

Notice Signing

Effortlessly reduce time and effort by bulk signing notices with CaseDocker's Notice Management, streamlining the process for efficient and hassle-free notice signing.

3rd Party Integration

Streamline your notice management workflow and minimize errors through seamless integration with third-party apps using CaseDocker's Notice Management 3rd party integrations.


Channel for Alerts and Notifications

Notify counter parties through multiple communication channels for faster and more efficient notifications linked to the original notice document.

  • Postal Mail
  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • SMS