Key Features

Our Compliance Management Suite caters to your compliance creation and management needs.

Realtime Compliance Dashboard

Easily manage compliance and obligations from anywhere, anytime, and on any device with Casedocker's contract dashboard, empowering real-time performance monitoring and proactive corrective actions for current and future compliances.

Business Based Compliance Calendar

Effortlessly track and manage business compliances with CaseDocker's Compliance Management Business-Based Compliance Calendar: Stay organized and ensure regulatory adherence tailored to your specific business requirements.

Dynamic Compliance Reporter

Gain real-time insights and streamline compliance reporting with CaseDocker's Compliance Management Dynamic Compliance Reporter: Stay informed and in control of your compliance obligations effortlessly.

Audit Management (Internal/External)

Elevate your compliance management with CaseDocker's Audit Management: Define audit scope, leverage AI and ML for eDiscovery and data collection, and efficiently track findings from identification to closure.


Compliance Management Framework USPs

Discover the unique strengths of CaseDocker's Compliance Management Framework: Streamline compliance processes, mitigate risks, and stay ahead with advanced features and customizable solutions.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge Base - Caseica (Legal Knowledge & Research)
  • Compliance Audit Trails
  • Dynamic Reporter
  • Obligations/Risk Management Framework
  • Integration with CLM, Case Management & Notice Management Modules
  • Stakeholder & Resource Management
  • Best in Class Compliance Experts
  • Compliance Full-LifeCycle Support