Key Features

Our Customised Playbooks help manage your end to end integration needs and streamline your workflow.

Request Dashboard

Effortlessly manage and track all your requests in one place with CaseDocker's Playbook Request Book Dashboard: Stay organized and monitor the progress of your requests as they navigate through the workflow.

Enterprise Playbooks

Streamline enterprise operations with CaseDocker's Playbook: Manage and automate various aspects, from contracts to cases to notices, for efficient integration and seamless workflow management.

Industrial Playbooks

Accelerate your operations with CaseDocker's Industrial Playbooks: Access industry-grade playbooks aligned with standards and regulations, automating your processes for enhanced efficiency and compliance.

3rd Party API Integration

Enhance information flow and streamline control with CaseDocker's Playbook 3rd Party API Integrations: Seamlessly integrate your third-party APIs for smoother operations and effortless data management.


What's Controlled by CaseDocker's Playbooks

Multiple modules which can be easily controlled, operated and monitored using CaseDocker's playbooks.

  • CaseDocker Request Book
  • CaseDocker Contract File
  • CaseDocker Notice File
  • 3rd Party Applications
  • Manual/System Initiated Request
  • CaseDocker Case File
  • CaseDocker Compliance File